We have the expertise to help you save !!

Procurement Processing Sales and Service are important activities for an industry. Importance of procurement lies in selection of proper material at right price at right time. With so many pressures that the management has to undergo here comes an opportunity to outsource the procurement in a beneficial way.

Central Procurement Services is your one stop solution for streamlining all your engineering procurements. From nut bolts to pipes to safety Equipments, we help you procure almost everything and in a process that would keep the unit run  trouble-free. Ensuring maximum resource utilisation through transparency and a better performance each time, we help you save time, money and energies, each time a requirement comes up. Be it routine MRO(Maintenance and Repair Operations) requirement or CAPEX(Capital Expenditure) project, our value addition each time will surely keep you excited and encouraged to keep us involved for all your procurements. 


Why us ??

Our combined experience of more than 25 years in indirect purchases is the key behind a strong pan India vendor base. We are known personally in the industry with our vast procurement experience.

Manufacturers trust us with their brand and we give them the volumes. Our costing mechanisms are streamlined with every category and our rate contracts with manufacturers are the main ingredients of how we delivery value for our customers.

The huge market that India is, leaves enormous scope for every quality to sustain in the market. Differentiating what quality suits your needs and what pricing for a standard quality are major tasks for any company with engineering procurements.With lack of super specialisation for all the categories, and usage of substandard products, efficiency is often reduced and losses pile up. Realising synergies among various industries for common engineering requirements, we aim to help companies achieve their full potential and main consistency in their performance.

Rate Contracts, Experience, Bulk Procurements, Consolidated requirements, Robust vendor base, Pan India network, Manufacturers trust.


MS Pipes, SS Pipes, MS Fittings, SS Fittings, PVC Pipes, PVC Fittings, UPVC Pipes, UPVC Fittings, CPVC Pipes, CPVC Fittings, FRP/FRVE Pipes, FRP/FRVE Fittings, MS+PTFE Pipes, MS+PTFE Fittings, Paints, Hot Insulation, Cold Insulation, MS Gratings, MS Plates, SS Plates, MS Angle, MS Channel, MS Beam, TOR Steel, TMT Steel, Scrap Metals, Safety Equipments, Uniforms, Winter Jackets, Mechanical Seals, Instrumentation Equipments, Instrumentation Fittings, Instrumentation Equipments, Earthing Strips, Electrical Switchgears, Electrical Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Electrical Luminaries, Electrical Motors, Junction boxes (Flameproof / Non Flameproof), Nut Bolts, Fasteners, V Belts, Pulleys, Couplings, MS Gratings, SS Gratings, Aluminium Gratings, Non Metallic (PVC/FRP/FRVE) Gratings, Cable trays, Cable Glands, Lugs, Gaskets, Jointing Sheets, Bearings, and many more.

Our Commitment

We understand the level of confidentiality required by our clients and truly support them in their endeavour to do so. With Central Procurement Services, you can trust that your procurement matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. We shall make every effort to help you realise savings and streamline your procurement processes. 

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